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Sometimes they are re-gifted or given to charity. Others can be made knit to whatever size you need. Layering tights allows me to be bound and gagged for a long time, even when temperatures plummet. As I work bound and gagged eight hours a day it is important to choose clothes that prevent the ropes from cutting into my skin too much! I didn't want the thin ones so I was looking for wooly, thick like you used to wear to school.

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You can see Lara sliding into two different pairs of wooltights before she gets bound! Kim gets strapped inside a woolen bodybag. Black fuzzy V-neck mohair sweater with deep V-striped tan-brown-black design by Coach Small 40  

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When I received a small parcel another day, I was coming back from the post office with a smile on my face, then sitting in the car, with my hands in the package, with no sense of time or anything around me. When he put a sweater on, he felt boyish, happy, comfortable and submissive. Many of them are so feminine. As our eyes trace the ribbing up your legs, and we notice that the lines start to twist diagonally from just above the knee, we can only guess that a little higher up, the tights have a boa constrictor death grip on your thighs, leaving your good-girl listless, with every step. Normally I would have flagged the email as spam or deleted it but this time, for some unknown reason, I double clicked on the attachment to open it. Gerald feels ridiculous, not realizing what is happening. Sitting on the bed, tightly bound with ropes and straps Julia slowly realises that this is NOT a robbery and her female captor is enjoying the situation, but things can change!!!

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I certainly don't want you to get cold. This was a heavenly way to wake up in the morning. Adding overknee socks and a turtleneck sweater Katharina enjoys her 'wool dream' and is finally ready for some bondage time!

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