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I've always been a straight-A student. I can't be expected to finish the mountain of homework that I bring home every night, I can't be expected to write three essays, study for a test, and create a mind-blowingly amazing powerpoint over a two day weekend.

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I'm going to be my own person, and I don't give a flying fuck if you say otherwise. And you know what? I'm nothing to you but a fucking trophy to show off to your colleagues and friends, nothing but a punching bag with a big red target painted on my head when I come home from school. Why can't you just understand that every once in a while, I have to let something slide until I have time to finish it?

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You can tell that the workload and loneliness are wearing on me, you can see perfectly well that getting four hours of sleep a week is no way to live, but do you care? I started two months ago. You always complain that I never tell you about my homework and grades, but I do -- you just don't give a rat's ass until it's convenient for you to get angry about it. You only care about yourself and the image that my work casts on you. Now that I'm in high school, I have three A's, three B's, a C engineering , and a D spanish, a language that I'm terrible at and can never get into. Is it so hard for you to be supportive for once in your miserable, selfish lives?

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I'm coming to normal school after homeschooling for my entire life. I've always been a straight-A student. Why can't you suck it the fuck up and deal with the fact that I have to prioritize assignments worth more points and concentrate on them instead of the measly five-points I'll get from filling out a fucking four-page chart based off of a short story that's barely a page long?

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