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In this variation, at the ice breaker's discretion, play may pass by number, i. The first player, usually the tennis ball owner, starts the game or "breaks the ice" see terminology below by throwing the tennis ball against the wall with the objective of having the ball hit the wall without hitting the ground first.

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If the peg is unsuccessful player not hitother players have the opportunity to get the thrower out. If the thrower makes a full force throw without the offender moving then the thrower must be pegged by the original offender. Views Read Edit View history. Children's games Street games Ball games Games of physical skill Wall and ball games Physical education. In some places, instead of hitting the wall you have to throw it at the catcher. This repeats for however many people there are.

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In this variation two or more people line up to take turns hitting the ball. Any participant who strayed too far away from the wall during play was "punished" by a penalty shot, where the thrower would aim solely at him or her and throw the ball as hard as possible, although a hit in this case did not make the person "it". If the peg is successful player hit , play continues with the icebreaker throwing the ball first. Other rules included "handsies", which prohibits players from touching the ball with both hands at once the ball could be tossed in the air and caught with the other hand, but typically a great show was made of this feat in order to avoid even the appearance of a foul. No penalty besides pegging occurs from an out. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Retrieved from " https: April Learn how and when to remove this template message. If a player has committed a double touch another player may call the foul and is allowed a throw at the person.

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Tennis Ball In Ass

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Languages Suomi Edit links. In a variation practiced widely in Santa Clara County, California elementary schools as late as the mids, each time a player earned an out, his "butt was up," and he would stand with hands against the wall, waiting to be pegged by the player who threw him out.

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