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Detriot Red Wings Suck

How do the Red Wings spend the first week of training camp? Why do Red Wings fans drink from a saucer? The baby will stop whining after awhile. Both men accepted the challenge.

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Why do the Red Wings suck at geometry? Suddenly, the driver saw a Avalanche fan walking down the road, and he instinctively swerved as if to hit him. He was ice fishing and got run over by the zamboni! Because they'll go out there and throw in the towel! Why did the Post Office recall their latest stamps? The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different. They are going to be called the Manilla Folders!

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What is the difference between a Detroit Red Wings fan and a pot hole? What do a fine wine and the Detroit Red Wings have in common? Even a fat chick scores every once in a while! What do the Detroit Red Wings and the Titanic have in common? The pinball machine scores more often and has more points. How do you keep a Red Wings fan from masterbating? How did the Detroit Red Wings fan die from drinking milk?

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Detroit Red Wings Jokes

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She asks Mary why she is a Avalanche fan. I took my broken vacuum cleaner back to the store. What do I have in common with the Detroit Red Wings? What is the difference between a bucket of shit and an Detroit Red Wings fan? If you have a car containing a Red Wings forward, a Red Wings center, and a Red Wings defender, who is driving the car?

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Detriot Red Wings Suck

Detriot Red Wings Suck: Super Hero

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